TCM Living Waters

We Want Help YOU Dance
Non Stop All Through The Night?!

Do You Also Want To Dance NON STOP All Through The Night?!

Dive into the ultimate dance experience at the 2024 Asia West Coast Swing Open with TCM Living Waters. We’re here to elevate your performance with exclusive pre-booking wellness offers tailored just for dancers.


Targeted 15-Minute Massages: Focus on what dancers need most. Choose between a revitalizing neck/shoulder massage or a soothing foot massage. Each session is expertly designed to boost your mobility and comfort on the dance floor. $30 per 15min session.


Step up your dance game with our unique TCM Healing Socks. Infused with a special TCM tonic, they’re engineered for rapid recovery and enhanced performance. Simply wear them for an hour and your happy feet all ready to dance again! Just $10 per pair for an unmatched recovery experience. (Socks are one time use disposables)

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